Lydia and I have been married and have been a team since 1998. We met while we both worked at Wal-Mart in Oregon and Lydia was my supervisor.  We fell in love and were married less than a year after our first date. 


My past experience has been broad.  During college, I worked at any job that paid the bills. After college, seems like a lifetime ago, I sold insurance, was a police officer for a stint, and joined the Army and became a logistics officer for seven years before leaving the service in 2007. After the Army, I worked for the Army as a civilian for about thirteen years. I also hold a Master's degree in logistics management. 


We are a young company that is mature, motivated, and driven to be successful. We are client-focused and believe exceeding expectations through superb customer service is key to your satisfaction.


John & Lydia Lysaught